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2022 — 2023Award-winning products
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Julia HaartInternationally renowned brand ambassador

Inspired by true story

Ameon's CEO & co-founder

— “I believe creating great skincare products requires striking the proper balance between nature and the wonders of modern science. AMEŌN embodies that belief.”

Alina Mehrle, CEO & co-founder

a soul (french)
The essential part or fundamental nature of anything.
our motto
Turn ON Your Skin Potential Call for inclusion and action.

At age 30, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The ravages of chemotherapy left my skin vulnerable and dehydrated but available skincare products did nothing to revive and restore my fragile skin.

I decided to find a solution myself.

Over the last 2 years, AMEŌN has developed 5 core products that nourish and heal damaged skin.

Exceptional products

AMEŌN expertly formulates gentle and effective products by integrating superior natural, plant-based, and biotechnological ingredients that cater to everyone's unique needs

Celebrating AMEŌN's award-winning skin products

At the forefront of innovative skincare, our products have garnered acclaim from industry experts for their unparalleled quality, phenomenal results, and distinctive formulas. Such awards embody our unrivaled excellence in the beauty industry, mirroring the dedication and passion we pour into creating products that genuinely create an impact.

Partnering with brand
ambassador Julia Haart

Julia’s extraordinary passion for our brand and unwavering commitment have significantly amplified our brand's visibility and credibility on the international market
Her natural flair for resonating with diverse audiences fuels our robust relationships with customers globally

Ameon and Julia Haart created
very special 3-steps ice skin ritual

step 1
Glow manifesto
Ice cube x9
9 x 0.27 oz | 8 ml AM+PM
step 2
Glow Serum
1 oz | 30 ml
step 3
Diamond Moisturizer
Holy Cream
1.7 oz | 50 ml

Experience NYC's finest facials
with AMEŌN

Our distinctive ice facials tailored to enhance your energy are available at our retreat room within Equinox's Rockefeller Center location

AMEŌN's pioneering signature events

Our wellness day and skincare masterclasses are more than mere events; they're an open invitation to prioritize self-care and invest in oneself

Embark on an extraordinary journey of relaxation, rejuvenation, and skincare enlightenment, designed to inspire and enhance your skin's natural radiance
welness day

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